Thursday, June 26, 2008

Wildrose Alliance Enters its Teens

If you watched closely you could see the metamorphosis – the reaching of that slow, sometimes awkward midpoint between childhood and adulthood, the teens.
The Wildrose Alliance Party held its AGM on Saturday the 21 of June in Red Deer. By the end of the day you could see glimpses of what this new party will be as it began to stretch its gangly legs and through the occasional telltale squeak of a cracking voice you could make out the fine lines of maturity starting to emerge as the passion of the Alliance started to mix and mingle with the complementary skills of the Wildrose.

The party emerged from its AGM with a defined course of action by passing a resolution called “The Framework for the Future”. It provides the executive with clear definable goals and an interactive general plan for developing policy, membership and election-fighting capacity. It was interesting to watch as the party’s social conscience was stirred as it passed resolutions to deal with the bullying of the Human Rights Tribunals and its plan to end the overly-intimate relationship between the government and Elections Alberta.

What most stood out was the blend of young and old in the crowd. It was reflected in the pleasant mix of youth and experience in the newly elected executive, which ranges from 31-year-old Calgary investment advisor Jeff Callaway as President, to 56-year-old VP Policy Link Byfield, a longtime voice for centre-right, conservative values.

Members applauded the work of leader Paul Hinman in the annual leadership review, giving him the thumbs up to continue as leader.

Do we have it all together? No, but we are well on the way. There will be the usual growing pains that accompany a new party, but it will soon come of age, confident and sure on Alberta’s political stage.



  1. Jane: Good to hear the AGM went well. Pluralism and a number of healthy choices will be what helps to keep(make?) our democracy strong.

    Best of luck!

    - E.S.