Saturday, March 14, 2009

Top Ten Reasons Alberta’s in a Deficit !

Reprinted with permission from the author; Todd Loewen.

10) Adding in extra elections for strategy rather than democracy is expensive.

9) Ed increases cabinet size to repay friends for sticking with him, costing Albertans millions.

8) Alberta cabinet ministers give themselves 30% pay raises in May, costing more millions.

7) Ed Stelmach and crew make $1.3 billion election promises in the two weeks before election to ensure re-election. Your vote is expensive to buy; with your money!

6) Albertans realize after the regional health boards are dismissed that it costs a lot to have appointed executives, but even more to fire them.

5) Oil prices failed to continue to sky rocket. Go figure!

4) Even though oil prices plummeted, Stelmach and Evans kept spending.

3) Alberta Progressive Conservatives practice fiscally liberal policies.

2) Ed Stelmach and Mel Knight’s bumbled Royalty scheme drove out Billions of dollars of investment.

And the number one reason Alberta’s in a Deficit:

1) Alberta PC’s have been spending money like drunken sailors. No offense to drunken sailors; at least they spend their own money.

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