Friday, October 18, 2013

On lobby groups, forums and astroturfing in the Calgary election.

The following is a cross-posting from Cory Morgan.

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Nenshi Budgets a Massive Increase in Campaign Spending

On Naheed Nenshi's campaign website he states he will:

  • limit campaign expenditures to $0.65 per resident;
When put that way it sounds like a low amount. I thought I would check how it compared to his 2010 election spending.

In 2010 his expenditures were $404,229. (pdf document) and the population then was 1,071,515. This equates to $ 0.37 per resident.

Our current population is 1,149,552. This means Nenshi's campaign has budgetted to spend up to $747,208 on his 2013 campaign.

That's an increase of $ 342,979 or nearly 85% !!  Let that sink in....85%

In 2010 he was in a huge battle and clearly considered an underdog. Now, in 2013, he doesn't even have any real competition yet is planning on such a massive jump.

Why spend so much more money when there is clearly no need to? Did they budget so high simply because they had the money and could? How much of this attitude and spending perspective will come into play when he is budgetting our (taxpayers) money?


Percentage was calculated using  this math; if that stresses you can use this online calculator. Numbers may vary when calculated in NenshiMath. Sadly I haven't been granted access to the magical purple calculator.