Sunday 2 March 2008

Election moments........

.... early in campaign; breaking valve stem off of one my tires, late in the day. It had to go to dealer and I had appointments to attend to..... this had the potential to be a stressful incident; but Graham at Renfrew Chrysler gave me the royal treatment. Got me into a rental and had my Top Banana #83 / 250 fixed up within 24 hrs.

I think it was the WAP signs in the trunk; Cory thinks it was my green eyes....LOL


..... officer holding radar gun waves me to pull over; as I slow, he sees sign on my car and waves me on..... I am pretty sure the fella behind me was going faster and was a better catch..... It certainly wasn't my green eyes that time.


...... late on debate night; running a bath; phone rings..... I answer, but can't hear the caller; so I say "One sec" ...... "Sorry about that, I was just about to step into bath."

Caller, "Are you sure you want to be telling ME that?"

Jane, "Oh,... who's calling?"

Caller, "This is Kirk Heuser, from CTV."

Color me RED.

Out of courtesy to Kirk, I will refrain from regaling you with the balance of the conversation.....LMAO


....... Saturday, March 1, all candidates forum at Carewest Dr Vernon Fanning centre. Candidates in attendance; Pat Murray, Lib; Jim Wright, SC and Jane Morgan, WAP.
We met with residents who shared their stories of life in the centre, which was heart wrenching. Due to staffing issues, they are only able to have one shower a week ! ! ! They receive paltry AISH payments and if they are able to work, they face clawbacks to the payments. I likely will blog on this one more, down the road.

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