Monday 12 May 2008

Political Performance Indicator

This is what insomnia gets you..... online profiling.... ;)

I scored 75%, the top end of "moderate"; with my highest percentage falling into "Rational" catagory.



He is a steady and rational person who can define his goals precisely, distinguishing between what he really need and what he can easily do without. This type of person is able to learn from previous experience. He feels and values the present and think seriously about the future. He takes his affairs seriously, evaluating carefully their importance to him as well as the feasibility of their execution.

Such person is capable and disposed to evaluate soberly his possibilities within the context of various circumstances. He considers the consequences of his deeds. He has the courage both to make a decision and, when necessary, to reject it. Having made a decision he doesn't hesitate, but carry it out energetically.

In trying to reach his goal he is capable of overcoming many obstacles and difficulties, at the same time evaluating the importance of this goal to him and his potential for achieving it, as well as his possible gains and losses.

This type of person easily become friend with people who make a good impression on him and he gladly gives them whatever help he can without expecting compensation or profit.

He has his own opinion on many social and political issues, but doesn't like to thrust it on others. A sense of self-dignity is intrinsic in such person and he does not need to prove his merits to others nor demonstrate superiority over them. He is aware of the limits of his abilities and is satisfied when he has exploited them to the fullest.

His personality is well-balanced between stability and safety, and risk and daring. This type of person tries to set himself realistic goals but this may limit the level of his expectations and the realization of his potential. As a rule, success encourages him to reach toward higher levels and to attain goals he previously never hoped for.

Men of this character resemble the type to which Benjamin Franklin and Franklin D. Roosevelt belonged, and women resemble Margaret Thatcher.

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