Thursday 30 October 2008

Brian Pincott; his vision transcends asphalt roads and pipelines.

The title of this entry was recently posted on a forum. It made me laugh, in a sad sort of way; especially when I found the poster was serious.

I responded with directing the poster to this blog posting by my better half.

To which I got this response:

Aren't you a politician yourself? Or course you're going to have a biased opinion of another polictican that doesn't agree completely with what you believe in.

Also, linking to a personal blog isn't really credible. It's just some right-wing conservative spewing off their own opinions (like millions of other blogs around the world), and they happen to not like Pincott. You happen to agree with this. But not everybody does. Perhaps a more established link of some sort that provides accurate performance review of Mr. Pincott would be better suited.

Here's a better link as to what Pincott believes, straight from his mouth:

Brian Pincott is far from perfect; just like everybody other politician. But atleast the link above outlines his priorities, some of which make alot of sense given today's issues. I'm not a Pincott advocate, but I don't think some of the man's ideas are silly either.

As to not completely derail the thread, I have chosen to responsd here.

If running twice in elections makes me a politician, then yes I am guilty. Some may feel I have a biased and right wing opinion; however those who know me, know I am very (small “l”) liberal in many ways.

Brian Pincott however is so far left, you could put a full blown Liberal beside him and their opinion would appear right wing as well.

Though there is no date on the link provided, I suspect it was done during the civic election. There are a couple of points I do agree with; sadly though they are outnumbered by the ones that raise an eyebrow.

From the survey quoted:

Regarding homeless and urban poverty.
Brian Pincott says:

I believe the city should adopt a living wage policy …..

Great, free money for everyone. What will be the price tag on this?

I am all for recycling and composting, but here are his thoughts on curbside blue bins.
Brian Pincott says:

The current plan does currently include plastics and should include organics.

Awesome, food rotting in front of every house. Apartment hallways will be particularly pungent.

Brian Pincott says:

Also, a way to ensure that people are not throwing recyclable into the waste stream, such as insisting on clear plastic bags for trash, would help to ensure that we capture all recyclables.

So he would have the city mandate we all use clear bags so they can see what we throw out. And what’s next, fines if we throw out the wrong things? Well pretty close…

Brian Pincott says:

As well, the “user fee” should be on the behavior you wish to discourage……

There are more, but I think you get the idea.

Those are all things he “said” he would like to do over a year ago.

Here is a list of things he “has” covered since being in office.
Which I believe "provides accurate performance review of Mr. Pincott."

Brian Pincott wants to ban you from fertilizing your own lawn.

Brian Pincott wants to ban backyard fire pits.

Brian Pincott wants to ban household pesticide use.

Brian Pincott wants to violate your property rights by banning you from cutting trees and bushes on your own property.

Brian Pincott supported spending a million dollars to have artistic decoration at
Calgary’s sewage processing facility.

Brian Pincott wanted to hire a poet for the city of Calgary for $250,000 per year.

Brian Pincott supports spending millions on pedestrian bridges downtown.

Brian Pincott called for a review of Calgary’s off-leash dog parks because apparently there are not enough dog free paths for joggers.

How long will this list be after three years on council.

He makes a very, very strong case for recall ! ! !


  1. Pincott's a full blown communist. Don't know how he got elected to begin with...

  2. Amazing that your blog is consisted of such tripe. Way to construe an argument to fit your own twisted, delusional agenda. Perhaps you would have consulted me for clarification on my views on Pincott's platforms? ...No? Okay, just thought I'd like to bring that to the attention of this website.

    In case people don't know, this 'blogger' took a viewpoint from a message board, and construed it into some kind of piece she calls an argument. Then, used her husband's blog to back her own up hypocritically attacking Pincott's values.

    How convenient it is Jane attacks the platforms that pale in comparison to the rest of the platforms Pincott suggests. Urban sprawl, public transportation, affordable housing, homelesness, arts funding... the list goes on. But hey, Jane likes to attack organic composting. Laugh.

    The rest of your blog is laughable at best, with no solid evidence to back anything up - except for a blog that your HUSBAND wrote. You attack opinions and values, and then give questionable responses - and opinions - yourself. I'm in no way a supporter of Pincott, but the way you've construed your blog with minimal research and factorial information the consistency of gelatin is laughable. A Grade One student could crap out better writing bits than this.

    Amazing that you were once a politician. You'd be better suited for writing column pieces in the Calgary Sun. You know, the section that people use for cat litter.