Saturday, 20 December 2008

We are grandparents ! !

Only have a couple of minutes to post.
Finally 10 days overdue and over 24 hours of labor we have our first grandchild.

A very beautiful, big and healthy boy. He is less than an hour old here.

I will post more details once the new mom and dad have been able to contact all of their friends.

:) :)


  1. Jane

    Congratulations!!! I was under the impression you were having the baby. 24 hours in labor is a LOOOOONG time. I am so happy for you & Cory.

    Congratulations again.

    Dan Doherty

  2. Congratulations, Jane. Aren't you a little young to be a grandmother?

  3. Hi Dan,

    That is funny, I re-read my comment and I can see how one might have thought that.


  4. Buckets,

    I think I am just the right age to be Gramma; Cory on the other had is a tad young to be a grampa. LOL


  5. Congrats to everybody!! He is absolutely adorable - and so alert for 1 hour old. You must be so proud!
    ~GREAT Grandma & Grandpa Higgins~ (and I think we're also a tad young to be GGs. Will talk to Mom later and see how a GGG feels at 79!!)

  6. That's a good lookin' kid, Jane. Not much bigger and he can have his own paper route..... ;)


  7. Thanks RC. Yes, he is one strong 'lil fella; am sure he will be growing in leaps and bounds.