Tuesday 10 February 2009

Quite an Interesting Day

I attended the Alberta Speech from the Throne today. You can watch or listen to it here. Be prepared though, it is a long one. I tried, unsuccessfully, to find the transcript. I did find this one from March 2007; I suspect the site will be updated in due course. Interesting to note the 2007 one is 9 pages of text and today's was 14; no wonder Mr. Kwong pointed out the great length of it.

Perhaps Mr. Stelmach thinks more means better. Despite its length it had little to offer. He missed many points that the CFIB clearly understands are necessary.

Sadly I did not get to meet Mr. Stelmach. After doing a few media interviews, he quickly left the reception. Kudos to those MLA's who did stick around to meet the public.

Meanwhile, outside the Leg a prairie wildfire is starting. Not to worry though; sometimes you need a good fire to clean out the dead wood.

Lastly, I would like to extend a thank you to the MLA who made it possible for me to attend. It is greatly appreciated....and not to worry, I won't name you......;)

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