Thursday 2 April 2009

The Spin Begins

I knew it would not take long for the PC's and their supporters to start and spin the 2008 financials that were recently released.

First a couple of bottom lines I would like to point out in case you haven't been following it.

Liberals $437,690.00 Deficit
NDP $408,628.00 Deficit
WAP $1,622.95 Deficit
PC's $1,976,577.00 Surplus
Green's... we don't know. Apparently they do not have enough to pay for the required audit.

So the most recent spin I have see can be read here.

Here are my comments, just in case they don't get published over there.

The WAP has always been a pro-business party; whether it is the O&G sector, farming or Joe Blow with a corner pub. For over 7 years now our position has been one of creating a business friendly province and minimizing the size and intervention of government. If that makes us “extreme right” then I guess we are guilty. Ironically, just about every “average Albertan” I know either works for a business or owns one that employs other average Albertans.

You can spin it if you like, but the reality is we were saying “No” to the NRF before anyone else dared comment and also before any $$ came our way. Not the other way around. Just for the record, our contributions from individuals exceeded those from corporations.

Between March 25th and May 21st we will hold at least seven (7) events that are free to all Albertans; members and non-members alike. On the flip side the PC’s will hold 3 events during that period and charge over $400.00 per plate and you must be a member (granted they are serving food). They also have at least another half dozen that are $100.00 to attend. Are those the “average, everyday Albertans” they are reaching out to?

It is also interesting to point out that the bulk of the PC contributions came to them after they won the elections. Which begs the question who is currying the favor of whom?


  1. There's a lot of freedom-minded PC MLA's that were elected last time around, and not just Ted Morton. What's your thoughts?

  2. I didn't mention Morton or comment on the free-mindedness of any of the MLA's.

    All same there may very well be some that are freedom-minded, but there a zero among the PC's that are free to speak their mind.

    It's interesting that you post annonymously from a Government office in Edmonton.