Tuesday 26 May 2009

Ed Stelmach; completely out of touch.

After years of saying the PC’s are not conservative, I am now at the point that I have no choice but to adjust my belief.

When you add up all the restrictions, legislation and blockades to business; it paints a very clear picture.

They have banned smoking nearly everywhere; pubs and restaurants can no longer make this decision for themselves.

They have imposed restrictions on “happy hours” at bars. Taking away business owners freedom of choice.

They have imposed drink prices. Again taking away business owners freedom of choice.

They have increased taxes on smoking.

They have increased taxes on liquor.

They have restricted the sale of tobacco products to a few select stores. Cutting a huge source of revenue for some businesses.

They have put a cap on both the number of VLT’s and locations where they can exist.

…. And the list goes on and on.

Clearly there are no freedom loving, pro-business MLA’s left. Or at the very least none with a voice in the current caucus. The ones who have the voice, control and clearly the most influence are the ones who want to control the drinking, smoking and gambling of Albertans.

Whether or not you partake in any of these activities, you can clearly see it limits the freedom of individuals and businesses.

Add to this the recent debacle of Bill 44 - - it is crystal clear this is the agenda of a social conservative mindset.

This current government is now completely polar opposite of the average Albertan. By in large, Albertans are fiscally conservative and socially moderate. These PC’s are fiscally liberal, which they have demonstrated for years and are now showing their true colors of being socially conservative.

I can't help but wonder if he has swallowed the same pill as some others and believes the Wildrose is socially conservative. Perhaps he thinks if he makes these changes he will cut into our growing support.

Ironic really, the very thing some people feared from the "fringe" is coming to fruition with Ed Stelmach.

Every time Eddy ticks off a new group off, the Wildrose Alliance grows.

Sadly, though at the same time Alberta, as we know it and love it, is being whittled away.


  1. Interesting take. I had never thought of it in that way. Thanks!

  2. Jane
    I agree with the fact the PC's have gone too far in trying to impose controls over too many things. But if the WAP is to be a force to be reckoned with we need to be careful not to overlook social conservatives as well. There are a lot of Wildrose supporters who are Fiscally conservative, but are also socially conservative and disagree with the PC fiscal side. But that does not mean they agree with the policies of PC's.
    No one in my home smokes or drinks, and I feel it is not healthy and so I am not affected by the rulings on drinking and smoking. But I have a sister that owns a pub and is greatly impacted unfairly by both issues. My point is that I am a WAP supporter that disagrees with smoking and drinking personally, but disagrees with the PC stifling of the free enterprise. We cannot be on the fringes with our policy's, but we also don't want to distance those who agree fiscally but are not as moderate as others socially.
    I think there is a compromise somewhere in there particularly in the rural areas where it is prevelant. Hope that makes sense and appreciate all your hard work you do.