Saturday 30 October 2010

View From the Other Side - Part 6

During the morning media session Premier Stelmach was asked his position on a motion that would be going before the delegates this afternoon. He answered it very diplomatically and in my opinion the way a most leaders would. He explained he would rather not give his personal position and leave it to the members to decide. He went on to say, when a leader either speaks in favor or against it may sway the membership. This is paraphrased, but conveys the nature of his position.

During the lunch hour Q & A with members, he was asked about talk of a sales/consumption tax. This is also a motion in the afternoon policy session. He gave his very strong position on it stating; "There won't be a sales tax in Alberta as long as I'm premier". In less than two hours he went from not wanting to comment on resolutions up for debate, to giving a full, definitive opinion on one.

It might not seem like a huge deal, but it’s these variances that cause confusion and reduce confidence. Ed is not alone in this; I’ve seen similar fumbles by nearly all the leaders.


  1. Jane, as one who was at the PC AGM and heard that same line from the Premier, you omitted the fact that he emphasized that there is existing legislation that prohibits the imposition of a sales tax without the issue going to a referendum. He also stated the obvious when he expressed doubts that Albertans would approve such a tax in that vote.

    I don't think that the facts and a full disclosure of the context of his comment left any confusion at all.

  2. This comment deserves a response that won't be buried in comments. Part 6.1 coming soon.

  3. As if the PC made laws mean anything. That is one of the most lame defences yet.

    Uhh Mr. Anonymous PC poster, your party had a law against deficits too. They simply dumped their own law into the toilet when Stelmach wanted to overspend. In light of that precident, it is pretty clear that if Stelmach wants a sales tax, he will simply get rid of the law calling for a referendum and then will bring in the sales tax.

    Keep trying to rebuild that shattered PC credibility though. ;-)