Tuesday 26 February 2008

Kyle Fawcett Responds to "Unknown" Blogger

For a new, unknown blogger, one of my first entries has caused quite a stir. First over at Calgary Puck where one individual took my “fun” speculation on the outcome of Calgary North Hill as some sort of valid election prediction.

Then the surprise that Kyle Fawcett actually bothered to take the time to respond to my blog.

Kyle’s comments are in PC orange. Just for Kyle since they couldn't seem to find any orange when they printed his brochures.Image and video hosting by TinyPic

I think the voters in Calgary North-Hill would prefer a candidate working hard at the doors and on the phones over a candidate that wants to spend the last week of the campaign making outrageous predictions.

Somehow I don’t think the constituents would appreciate me at their door or calling them after midnight; when I wrote the blog entry. In my opinion they would prefer an MLA who is not going to be just another nodding head in the Legislature.

So I won’t be making any predictions other then saying that as I suspected from the time I started thinking about putting my name forward to serve in Calgary-North Hill, this race is going to be VERY close, the outcome likely decided by 100 votes or less.

All in one sentence Kyle says he won’t make a prediction and then goes on to make a prediction. Image and video hosting by TinyPic

As mentioned my blog entry was fun speculation, and yes; I set it up that I was the “victor.”
It was not a serious prediction. I did offer a prediction on the Puck forum, which was:

“If I were to make a prediction, it would be something like this.....

The successful candidate in Calgary North Hill will likely win by less than 1000 votes and with a percentage of votes somewhere between 37-42.”

It is interesting to see that Kyle predicts the outcome will be decided by less than 100 votes! It makes one wonder if he thinks Pat Murray is going to gain over 1000 votes to come within 100 of the previous PC total. Or perhaps his coming to grips with the fact that PC support is way down in Calgary and realizes the possibility that he could register 1000 fewer votes than Mr. Magnus did.

Sometimes predictions can be used as motivation, but I can assure everybody that the thought of having Calgary-North Hill represented by a Liberal running on a purely negative platform that fails to provide a forward looking vision for Alberta and destroys future economic opportunity for Albertans, is all the motivation I need.

Predictions, in my opinion are not motivators. They are merely a tool to generate discussion.

I understand Kyle’s fear of potential Liberal economic destruction; sadly we have already seen the PC can carry out economic destruction all on their own.

Instead, I would reach out to Ms. Morgan, and her handful of supporters, and say come back down to earth for the last week of this campaign, and let’s ensure that Calgary-North Hill elects a conservative member to the legislature.

This would be EXACTLY why I am running;
to give the constituents a true conservative choice!.

If she truly cares about the direction this province should take for the next twenty years, she should be able to get past her own ambitions to be an MLA, and stop the same potential vote splitting in Calgary-North Hill that netted us 13 years of mismanagement and corruption in Ottawa.

I am an “ambitious” person and I have many “ambitions”; but being elected as an MLA is not one of them. I see it as a responsibility to offer the public a viable choice. I would consider it a great privilege to be the voice of the people of Calgary North Hill

Those who fear vote splitting; fear democracy. Without choices on the ballot; democracy cannot be served.
To suggest that others should not participate in the democratic process; to benefit another is petty at best and at selfish at worst.

ps: Kyle, with you being the same age as my daughter, I realize I am several years your senior; however there is no need to address me as "Ms Morgan".
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  1. According to Pat Murray's Youtube ad, taxpayers don't need to worry because he's going to find bags of money behind a secret door, and then rain it down from a helicopter. How can one not vote for someone who can do that? ;)

  2. You saw that video too, eh Brian? It was actually a pretty cool video up until the point where he started throwing the money bags from the helicopter... Yikes.

    Typical liberal philosophy -- throw money at the problem to make it go away. We all know that doesn't work.

  3. I would have thought it a matter of etiquette to address one's opponent in a more formal tone - particularly in politics. Using first names seems very...well, American to me. It's a shame that Canadian politics (both local and federal) are moving away from a culture of civility.