Wednesday 3 September 2008

Alberta 2008 General Election “financial” Results

The financials for the campaign period (Feb. 4th to May 3rd.) are now public on Elections Alberta site. I was pretty confident the WRP would end up in a better situation than the opposition parties; but I never dreamed we would out do Ed Stelmachs PC's......

GRN $ (20,094.50) Deficit
LIB $ (162,683.62) Deficit
NDP $ (351,257.94) Deficit
PC $ (2,426,412.00) DEFICIT.

Yup, double checked it is nearly 2.5 MILLION and is deficit.

WRP $ 49,409.41 SURPLUS ! ! ! ! ! ! !

Remind me again; who is the "fiscally responsible" party in this province???



  1. Nice to have a surplus but I have to ask. If the WRP ran a slight defecit and Paul Hinman won his seat would it have been worth it.
    Or how about a few hundred thousand dollar defecit for a handfull of seats.
    Just saying.

  2. Hey GP,

    Thanks for the comment.

    I suppose some would say that going in to debt is a wise choice.

    We made a commitment to our members to not spend what we did not have.

    We accomplished that.

    We also committed to clearing a debt from the 2004 Election.

    We accomplished that.

    Personally, I prefer a party that sticks to and demonstrates it's princples.

    We didn't spend money more than our members were willing to give; nor did we did not bribe candidates with a plump raise once elected.

    Next election I can go to the door with a clear conscience; will the PC candidates be able to do the same?