Thursday 4 September 2008

Wildrose Alliance - Press Release

Wildrose Alliance Runs Surplus,

Other Parties Run Deficits

The campaign statements are out and this government has proven it cannot grasp fiscal responsibility. They spent five times their fund raising and were happy to raid the rainy day fund built up by Ralph Klein supporters. The PC's believe if they spend enough money the voters will follow. The Wildrose Alliance believes Albertans cannot be so easily fooled.

This government has been exposed for their excessive spending and open cheque book policies. Like the federal Liberals, Premier Stelmach now finds it necessary to put in spending gag laws to protect their interests. Just like their personal pay raises they do it in secret and behind closed doors. The Wildrose Alliance believes this is unethical. Prime Minister Steven Harper and the federal Conservatives fought against such gag laws, why is this government implementing them?

The Wildrose Alliance is a party of principles and during the recent Election we demonstrated fiscal accountability to our members and Albertans. We have proven we are the fiscally responsible party and that we will respect the wealth of Albertans.

Clearly, this deficit spending by the PC's underscores why they called an Election. Albertans are shutting the door on donations to the PC's and only 1/5th of Albertans voted for them. With the rising support the Wildrose Alliance is receiving from Albertans it is clear we are a threat to their self preservation and 36 year reign.

The big concern we have for all Albertans is this government's budgeting. Their latest fiscal update left little room for error yet billions have been promised for environmental initiatives against millions in funding for crime and health care. Oil and Gas prices are far below even their latest economic assumptions just 2 weeks ago and threaten their budget. The PC's could not estimate oil and gas gas prices on the way up, how can we trust they'll make the right estimate on the way down? Further, when they prioritize high speed trains and carbon dioxide pipelines versus funding hospitals and fighting gangs, they've proven they are out of touch with everyday Albertans.

The Wildrose Alliance focuses on the issues of everyday Albertans: a strong vibrant economy, innovative health care available to all, quality education, responsible environmental management and safe communities.


Paul Hinman
Wildrose Alliance leader
Phone: 403 393-2003

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