Friday 21 November 2008

96th Grey Cup Prediction

Just two more sleeps and the 96th Grey Cup will be decided. Of course so far as I am concerned there is only one possible outcome; the Stamps will take it. I will not go so far as to predict the exact score.

My other prediction is that I might not be able to watch the game. I may be called upon to fulfill my “Assistant Coach” duties and aid in the expansion of our “family” team.

Our first grandchild is not due for another two weeks, but there have been rumors and rumblings that he could arrive early. This of course would step up the “parent training” schedule.

Late yesterday these rumblings were confirmed by the team physician; who advised we should prepare for the rookie arrival which could come within the next 72 hours.

With this in mind I have secured an appropriate team ensemble for the new arrival.


Deliver the cup to Calgary and I will try to help deliver the Grey Cup baby.

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