Wednesday 5 November 2008

The Legislator's Pledge and Kyle Fawcett

I see my MLA, Kyle Fawcett has taken the "The Legislator's Pledge".

I particularily like point one of the pledge;

I will use some combination of my constituents' views and their interests in deciding how to vote on their behalf.

Some representatives believe that it's the role of the representative to judge for themselves what will best serve their constituents, while others believe that they should act as a mouthpiece for their constituents' views. Many have an approach that combines these two views. CURD believes that there is legitimacy to both views, and does not seek to impose one or the other on legislators; what we object to are representatives who substitute the dictates of their party's leader for any regard for their constituents.

While I highly doubt Premier Stelmach or the PC party whip would let him freely vote on any issue; I am looking forward to seeing how Kyle Fawcett votes on "Bill 208: Alberta Affordable Mortgage Protection Act."

Click here to see if your MLA has taken the pledge.

1 comment:

  1. The Affordable Mortgage Act would create a subprime nightmare in Alberta. I've been urging my MLA to vote against it.