Thursday 29 October 2009

Life is about change......

Many new and exciting things are happening in my life.  Though I haven't had much time for blogging and I am currently on a "blog reduction program" as many of you have noticed..... LOL
(I will post more on this later).

It seems fate works in odd ways and another blogging opportunity might be presenting itself. You can see what I mean here.

Please help the Enlightened Savage out by voting for the person you feel best qualified to take on such an important role. Whether that is me or not, is your choice. Let democracy reign. :)

1 comment:

  1. Don't look now... but since no one knows for sure who TPB is, and it's somewhat unlikely that That Red Tory Jonathan Denis will be able to squeeze blogging into his schedule as Parliamentary Assistant to the Minister of Energy... Jane is making some serious headway in the polls. :)