Saturday 31 October 2009

Too darn early for this

Stewie decided today that 4:44 would be a good time to get up.  Grrrr. I get up, let him out and reply to a couple of emails. Let him in and go back to bed. Not good enough; he starts bringing toys, one by one, into bed and pestering me. So am awake enough to post a few words.

As I eluded to in a previous post I have gone from having two blogs to just this one. I have received emails, direct Tweets and a few phone calls from viewers and friends asking what happened to my Executive Director blog. Well it is being replaced by another blog; one much better and with a bit of a different angle.

Beyond that I can't say too much, so stay tuned. I would like to thank everyone who had been following it and I hope some of you continue to follow me on this blog.

Meanwhile you still have a day or so to throw a vote my way. I  have pulled ahead, into second place and the only one ahead of me is PC'er Jonathon Denis. Click here to vote.

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