Wednesday 23 February 2011

Tesarski pulls a Kassam

Some may remember Alnoor Kassam; he has twice run for Mayor of Calgary.  He announced his running on Twitter in March 2010 (or there abouts); then in June he again announced his running.... It was all rather funny and somewhat embarrassing as he tried to deny he that he had previously announced.

It's a lesson all politicians and would be politicians should learn. You only get one chance at "launching" your campaign.

Enter Chris Tesarski. He is aspiring to be the Leader of the Alberta Party. He mused about this in December and Sheila Pratt of the Edmonton covered it; albeit very buried in late paragraphs. Chris responded with this blog entry.  A couple bloggers commented, there were a few tweets; but really no great attention paid. Chris then presumably "firmly" decided to declare he was running and tweeted it.

On January 24 Dave Taylor (former Liberal MLA) joined the Alberta Party.  There was a lot of speculation that he too would enter the leadership race. And some would say he would be a logical choice.

So it was no surprise when Chris just three days later stepped down. His very thorough and long winded explanation can be viewed here thanks to Google cache. He has, for whatever reason deemed it necessary to delete this from his blog.

What is surprising and somewhat disingenuous is that this week Chris Tesarski is "announcing" he is running for the leadership and presenting it as being newsworthy.

I have no problem with people changing their minds. However, they should present it that way. In my opinion the approach he has taken is very disrespectful of the other two candidates in the race.  Will we see them all "re-launching" every 3 or 4 weeks?

And why has Chris changed his mind? Why is he hiding the fact that he previously stepped aside?


  1. The Alberta Party is nothing but shortcuts, a bunch of failures from failure parties (Greens, Liberals), hijacking another failure party. Four leaders since 2008, last election 42 votes.

    A Floor crossing by a proven failure of an MLA, who got mad and left because he failed at becoming leader of a previously mentioned failing party.

    They've failed at taking any real stand on anything.

    The Alberta Party is so bad they haven't even been good at being an elitist debate club, which it seems is what they want to be.

  2. Wow. Thanks for the chuckle. I guess that social media gives every aspiring AB Party leader a 'real chance'. I bet all 22 of them run. Oh my

  3. I'm not really sure why this topic is drawing speculation, but I do know that Mr. Tesarski's reasons for not running had nothing to do with Dave Taylor, but with concerns within his own business. When those concerns were suddenly solved from a previously unexpected source, he felt able to return to his original plan. Care, concern and a sense of responsibility to his family and business contacts can scarcely be considered as unworthy priorities. Neither can a return to an original commitment when a blocked path has been unexpectedly cleared.

  4. Too funny! Kind of makes you wonder about the type of folks in that gang. As I wrote before, The Alberta Party is without structure and an actual ideology, and is nothing more than a sad attempt by the political left at duplicating the success of the Wildrose Alliance.
    Thanks for being on top of this, Jane.

  5. @anon 12:07 It draws attention as Tesarski is deleting posts and trying to rewrite his history.

    And an anonymous poster saying that "everything" is fine and has magically been resolved, hardly adds any credibility to his situation.

  6. Hmmm, perhaps a new name would help them ? maybe the "Big Hug" party ?

  7. Jane, I must commend you on the amount of energy you spend Trolling the Alberta Party. You spend about as much time tearing down as some of us spend trying to build. I encourage you to turn your energy toward something positive.

    I've always wondered what motivates someone to be constantly negative. I encourage you to turn you obvious considerable energy toward the builiding of your Wild Rose Alliance.

    All the Best and see you on Twitter,


  8. Marc,

    If having a critical eye and commentary is trolling; the Alberta Party is in for a ton of trolling.

    And really, it doesn't take that much time or energy. Anyone who knows me, knows I have lots of both to go around. Especially now that I've quit smoking.


    btw: Are you really Marc Doll, president of Dave Taylor's CA board or just another anonymous poster impersonating Marc?

  9. Cool I've been promoted to President. I believe you will find the name of Calgary Curry is a woman by the name of Susan.

    All the best,

  10. Jane,
    I received a bitchy email from someone claiming to be a member of the AP. At the end of it was the promise that this individual was going to get '...every AP member to email me a complaint'.
    It's been 4 days and I received 2 emails.
    I guess he followed through on his promise.
    - Leigh.