Sunday 30 January 2011

Collection of Alberta Party Tweets

The Alberta Party is really racking up some Twitter gems. I figured would be best to save them before they get lost in the twittersphere.

From Tammy Maloney Alberta Party Calgary-North Hill CA President.

As her Twitter profile states... "Alberta Party's values are a reflection of my own"

A supporter from Edmonton.

I guess leaders are open game for personal attacks. Heck, no need to argue policy that way. After I challenged him on this comment, he removed it.

The Alberta Party says they "don't like labels". They are neither left nor right. Despite that, they label everyone else and are quick to point out why you won't "fit in with them". Ken Chapman, who used to be a policy analyst with the PC's and is now the is the Alberta Party's biggest cheerleader of slapping labels on everyone else.

When it comes to the Wildrose Alliance, Ken also likes to play the "hidden agenda" card. Too many examples of that for me to narrow it to just one... Again, they claim to be "doing politics differently"; but this is the oldest tack employed by the left side of the spectrum.

The Alberta Party also claims to be "forward" thinking. Yet, they are quick to point out other people's pasts. I'm at a loss to explain why they do this, we all come from somewhere.  This from Jeremy Barretto, he is on the Calgary Buffalo CA and Alberta Party’s Environmental Policy Committee.

He is referring to my husband in that post. Ironically, Cory spent more time as a Director on the board of the Alberta Party than he did leading the AIP.

This young man came to Twitter with such an innocent question.

...and the response he got from Elaine Christel Hyshka, Alberta Party, VP Communications Policy.

For those of you who don't know, my handle on Twitter is @Jaanikka. Plus it was re-tweeted by several other Alberta Party members, supporters, etc over the following days.

It's not often I let crap get to me, but I did. And that just resulted in them figuratively talking behind my back. As see in this comment from Marc Doll of the Alberta Party Calgary Currie CA:

... Mentioning by my first name, but not with @ my twitter name.

Since then Chris LaBossiere (Alberta Party President) has apologized for Christel's lowbrow remark, though at the time I thought the comment was from a member, not their VP of Communications Policy!!

Needless to say I had a good laugh when she tweeted this tonight.....

The old quote "if you’re going to talk the talk, you’ve got to walk the walk" comes to mind on so many things the Alberta professes.


  1. Hi Jane,

    Could you please remove your erroneous attributions in this post? None of these tweets are mine. I have tried to be as kind as possible to you on Twitter, in spite of your daily badgering.



  2. Hi Elaine,

    Looks like I typed in the wrong Hyshka. The appropriate corrections have now been made.

    Let's be clear, I badger the Alberta Party, not you or anyone else. Come to think of it, I'm not even sure what your Twitter name is.

    At any rate my apologies for the mix up.