Friday 7 October 2011

Informal polling on Alberta politics

Yesterday I had a conversion with someone who had no idea that we had a new Premier or who Alison Redford was. For that matter, they didn't know who Stelmach was.

This has prompted me to do some informal polling today of random people I encounter at work and elsewhere.

These are the questions I'm asking.
Who is our current Premier?

Can you name any of the political parties in Alberta?

Have you ever heard of the Alberta Party?

I will post my findings this evening.


  1. - I think it's still Ed until later today.

    - PC, NDP, WRP, Lib

    - AP who?



  2. All recent polls - viz. Environics, ThinkHQ - put the percentage of committed voters who support the Alberta Party at between 2 and 4 per cent. New polls, I'll wager, won't be much different. The only group in Alberta society that has been engaged by the Alberta Party is the media. They're just not on anyone else's radar. I reckon that with numbers like this, Mr. Taylor might as well keep his job as mayor!