Saturday 1 October 2011

Kyle (Fawcett); That isn't what I signed up for....

Let’s start with full disclosure.

I have known Kyle Fawcett since we ran against each other in the 2008 General Election. We have gone from calling each other Mr. Fawcett and Ms Morgan, to being comfortable with first names. We have communicated via email several times.

As my MLA he has answered my questions, sought my input, obtained passes for me to attend significant events at the Alberta Legislature, we’ve had lunch together on more than one occasion and he even helped me get my misplaced wallet safely returned to me.

His personal communication with me has been through his Legislative email of Kyle.Fawcett(at) Or in the case of community issues they come as bulk newsletters from his constituency office and are totally non-partisan; which I signed up for and can opt out of anytime.

I was a little surprised today to find an email from Kyle in my Spam folder. On closer inspection, it came from what looks to be a personal email address for Kyle and one I’ve never received emails from before.

More surprising though is that it is address to “North Hill Constituents” and it is a very partisan email soliciting for the Progressive Conservative Party.

I realize Kyle has my email and had he emailed me personally, I probably wouldn’t have thought anything of it; but he clearly is soliciting all constituents with whom he has an email address. And as a constituent ……that isn’t what I signed up for.

This is the contents of the email.

Vote on Saturday for Alison Redford

Calgary-North Hill Constituents,

I wanted to bring to your attention a very important moment in the history of our province. This Saturday, the 1st of October the Progressive Conservative Association of Alberta will choose a new leader, and Premier of our province. This is your chance to have a direct say in the future of our communities and our province. In doing so I would like to encourage you to vote for ALISON REDFORD.

Over and above her impressive resume of international and domestic policy work, ALISON is the best chance for CHANGE in both the PC Party and our province. ALISON understands that your government needs to work for you, and not for special interests and the political elite. She knows that the province is at a political crossroads and that the PC Party needs to continue to earn the trust of Albertans if it is to continue its legacy of excellent governance in Alberta.

Additionally, ALISON represents the constituency of Calgary-Elbow, which is similar in geographic and demographic composition as Calgary-North Hill and shares similar challenges. She knows the challenges that faced by your family and community.

ALISON wants to do politics and government different from the past, and this means bringing forward new ideas, and ensuring that the PC Party undertakes substantial renewal.

You can vote for ALISON this Saturday at the Highland Park Community Centre (3716 – 2 Street NW) between 9am – 7pm. All you require is an up-to-date PC Party Membership, and two pieces of ID (one with a picture and your address). If you do not have a current PC Party membership, you can purchase one for $5 at the polling station on Saturday. If you are no longer a resident of Calgary-North Hill, but still want to vote on Saturday, please call ALISON’s Campaign Headquarters at 403-xxx xxxx to find out where your polling station is located.

For more information about ALISON’s platform download the attached document (5 Reasons to Vote for Alison Redford) or visit ALISON’s web-site at

If you would like to purchase at membership before voting day or need a ride to the polling station, please contact 403-xxx xxxx.

Kyle Fawcett, MLA
Calgary-North Hill

Editted at 3:20 PM to add Kyle's explanation from Twitter.

Well, I'm not a federal conservative member. But looks like others who are might have also received the email.


  1. Clearly an abuse of information gathered while in his role as a nonpartisan MLA.

    PC's never fail to bring shame to their roles.

  2. Or perhaps Jane he just figured you a friend? Obviously he had you pegged wrong.

  3. Anon 2:55 I don't think he assumes all Calgary North Hill constituents are his "friends".

    Give him some credit.