Wednesday 12 May 2010

Cut too deep perhaps

Looks like my dissection of Liberal Vincent St. Pierre might have cut a bit too deep.

I invited him to respond to my previous post, since commenters were interested in hearing from him. Including the Honorable Mayor of Hinton !!!

This was his response:

I'm waiting for a few more people to make blogged responses before I fire a returning salvo. ;) So far it has only been you. :_(


  1. The Liberal blogger in question has stated on daveberta's site that he is waiting for more Wildrose bloggers to respond to him before he decides to respond to the exposure of a mass of mistruths on his part. I did not realize that there was some sort of partisan bar on the internet that had to be met before a blogger had to try and post factually.

    Were I Mr. St Pierre, (upon awakening this morning I looked in the mirror and assured myself that I am not), I would be rather eager to generate some excuses at least for having produced a blog posting with so many fabricated points.

    Alas, being an Alberta Liberal means never having to admit that you are wrong. Being an Alberta Liberal means never having to worry about forming government as well.

  2. Either this clown has an inflated sense of self-importance (does he really think that many people read his blog?) or he is doing the boring old liberal avoidance. My guess is it's a fair serving of both.

    Of course, if he had included actual facts in his post it might have made him look a little more credible and not like his only purpose was to get a response.

    Simply, such a transparent, amateurish attempt doesn't really warrant his needed 'blogged response'.