Tuesday 4 May 2010

David Swann; Hip or not so much?

Dr. David Swann, leader of the Alberta Liberal Party tweeted this today.

What do you think? Is this a lame attempt to be "in" with the youth of Alberta? Does he know what it means? Does he even do his own tweeting?

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BTW: this post is meant to be fun. :)


  1. Professor Taft, Dr Swann, King Edward I - it all seems a lame attempt.

  2. i dont know what FML is.

  3. I am guessing it is one of two things, Dr. Swann is trying to reach the young voters or someone is doing his Tweeting for him; or both.

    I guess I am a dinosaur as I don't know what FML is either. Please clue me in (or should I ask my grandchildren).