Tuesday 14 July 2009

Jim Campbell needs to stretch his imagination.

There is a great quote in Don Braid's "Tories easily spooked" appearing in today's Herald, from my PC counterpart, Executive Director Jim Campbell.

Regarding Ed Stelmach’s upcoming leadership review Braid comments;

These Tories point out that a negative vote would come only a year and a half after Stelmach won 72 of 83 seats in the legislature, the biggest first victory ever for a Tory premier. Many Albertans would wonder how much power Conservatives need to be satisfied.

To which Jim Campbell responds;

"I can't imagine people in the party wanting to vote against a premier with a record like that," says Jim Campbell, the party's executive director.

This is exactly the attitude I was referring to yesterday when I said…..

It's like they think everything is "stuck in time"; that every day is March 3, 2008. Well there have been many days since then and there will be many more before Albertans go to the polls again.

So in addition to Mark Norris (former MLA) and a few current MLA’s (who I won’t name); we can add their Executive Director to the list of PC proponents who think everything is rosy in Eddyville.

It's becoming clear why Stelmach had to look elsewhere to find people to "think big".

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