Saturday 11 July 2009

Mark Norris implodes.

Former cabinet minister of Economic Development and Tourism and an "also ran" in the PC leadership race; imploded yesterday on the Charles Adler show.

You can hear it for yourself in the audio archive of QR77, click here.

Go to Friday July 10, 2:00 PM. Interview with Kevin Libin starts at 6 minute mark and then moves to interviewing Danielle Smith. (Adler will be interviewing Mark Dryholm next week)

Norris is first caller in that segment and is very, very cranky. That is at 37:25 minute mark.

I have to run now, but in my next posts I will be giving my thoughts on Mr. Norris' tantrum and will also be following up on the "Who is Rebecca?" post.


  1. I know of at least a dozen PC MLA's who don't call themselves "progressive" conservatives like Norris.

    If people like Norris want a left wing party, join the Liberals.

  2. The best part of that whole Norris phone in was when Adler encouraged Smith to try and sell him a party membership!

    I also enjoyed hearing Norris prophesizing his eventual rise as he returns to cabinet.

    I pretty much heard him say.

    As foretold by the ancients Lord Norris will descend from the heavens on a chariot of pure light while the unwashed masses of the neolithic commoner Albertans bow down and worship him as he fritters away the financial security and fabric that identifies Alberta.

    It was a great display of how the current regime really has their head in the sand when it comes to believing that the people will love them no matter what and they can do no wrong anyways.

  3. Heard the interview live on Friday. Norris didn't do either himself or his party any favors. The PCs are nervous methinks...