Thursday 10 September 2009

DCU - Decline Comment Urquhart; comments - finally !!

Tonight we attended the all candidates’ debate for the Calgary-Glenmore by-election. It was very well attended and attendees were packed in like sardines. As I understand it the Raging Grannies couldn’t get in due to the number of people.

The audience was largely liberal leaning and asked very good questions.
Len and Toni seemed very comfortable with the fact that they are not considered contenders in this and they both demonstrated great use of humor.

Paul responded to the questions asked, of course I think he did a good job. He got some great chuckles from the crowd when he read a quote from Ed Stelmach using Hinmans’ campaign slogan.

“When Stelmach was asked if it would be a reflection of his government if Conservative candidate Diane Colley-Urquhart loses the byelection, he said without speculating they would wait to see the results.

If she loses, we’ll look at the results of the election and see what the message is.

The questions directed at Diane Colley-Urquhart clearly were plants. So much so that she started nearly every response with “….{insert name} I have know you for XX years,…..” yadda yadda. I swear I saw Jason Fekete roll his eyes at one point. It was so blatantly obvious.

A couple of questions that they thought would corner Paul backfired when he very ably and succinctly responded to them.

Diane skirted around a few questions. She clearly does not understand the difference between being working in City Hall and in the Legislature. She kept comparing what she does in council to what she would be able to do in the Leg. She stated several times that she would continue to fight for the residents. Well that sounds all well and fine, expect at the Provincial level she is “in” a party; one that doesn’t take kindly to those who speak up for their constituents.

One question to Diane though stole the night and is a must see for every Calgary-Glenmore resident.

An attendee from the front row, who was obviously frustrated with Diane Colley-Urquhart skirting the “party” question, posed a Yes or No question;

“Are you willing to put your (PC) membership on the line and sit as an independent if the needs of the riding (constituency) are in variance with the political Party (PC) line?"

You can see her answer for yourself.

So there you have it another trained PC seal in action. I will give her kudos for being honest; for being up front that it really doesn’t matter what the constituents want or need; Stelmach and his PC dictatorship will rule.


  1. My parachute alderman knows who she is taking care of and I doubt that will ever change. It's all about the bonus and in this case it comes from two terms served.

    Carry on...


  2. Wow. She was suprisingly unequivocal about that. Hopefully that makes it into the print media.

  3. That was the only direct (lets not dance around) answer she gave all night.

    Rob C

  4. I don't know what is worse: the fact that she has confirmed herself as another Stelmach 'yes-man' who will choose party over constituents, or that she is so nonchalant about it. Very, very telling.

  5. She finally commented. One word says alot. Good post Jane.