Saturday 5 September 2009

Invite to bloggers of all stripes

I would like to invite Bloggers and Tweets of all political stripes to attend the Wildrose Alliance Leadership Convention in Edmonton October 17 at the Holiday Inn Convention Centre.

For just $30.00 (same price members will pay) you can have lunch, mix, mingle and be there first hand when the results come in!!

You can register online here. Then drop me an email with your blogs URL and I will add a link to your blog on my Executive Director’s blog. (Your real name will NOT be revealed.) I will also provide you with the discount code for accommodations at the centre.

Edited to correct: (Your real name will NOT be revealed.)

Clearly, I wasn't very clear. LOL

You have to register in your REAL name. Your BLOG name will appear in the list on my official WAP blog. It is your option to have your real name appear there also. And as Ken Chapman has pointed out it will add hugely to your credibility.


  1. I can respect this clarification that a blogger's real name must be known by the WAP but not necessarily disclosed publically unless the blogger chooses. I just encourage bloggers to be more open - just like we insist from political parties.

    Anonymous bloggers like anonymous commenters are always suspect and should be.

  2. I agree completely. It is a bit of pet peeve of mine.

    Comments are open on my blog, but moderated. Anonymous ones are treated with a huge grain of salt.

    If they offer something to the discussion (even opposing views) I allow them.
    Otherwise I hit "reject".

  3. Well as an anonymous blogger who has a cyber stalker or two, I do not agree that what I say on my blog is lessened by my name not being revealed. I do it for personal safety reasons. I have met you Jane and I think you can understand where I am coming from.

    That being said, I think this is an excellent idea and will check my calendar to see if I can make it, as long as my name is NOT revealed.

  4. Hi Hunter,

    Yes, I remember meeting you. And unfortunately I too know all too well about internet stalkers. Though in my case it was an impersonator bordering on identity theft.

    If you decide to attend only your blog name would appear on the list on my other blog. You would need to register with your real name, but that would not appear anywhere on the web.