Sunday 6 September 2009

DCU – "Decline Comment Urquhart" - Part Deux

Thanks to Princess for commenting on my first post regarding DCU – "Decline Comment Urquhart".

She has pointed out we can now add the Calgary Sun to the growing list of group Diane Colley-Urquhart has shut out.

Conservative candidate Diane Colley-Urquhart was not available for comment.

The list now includes:

- Anyone commenting on her blog.
- Interested followers on Twitter.
(Probably just limited to me, but who knows.)
- Fast Forward Magazine
- Calgary Sun

Editted 6:30 PM to add:

I dropped by  both the Liberal office and  DCU's office this afternoon to discuss an issue affecting all the candidates. Unfortunately, DCU's was closed. Had a chat with Liberal team they were friendly and helfpful.


  1. This "silence" is usually a sign that someone has a lot to hide. Voters in Calgary-Glenmore are therefore well-advised to vote for anyone but DCU.

  2. If you don't say anything you can't get into trouble...old political party trick. Likely "advice" from Edmonton. Hope the voters of Calgary-Glenmore are paying attention.

  3. Riddle me this: can you eat a Denny's Grand Slam breakfast with a Calgary Sun scribe and not talk to them?

    On Friday Aug 28 I bumped into Dianne and Rick Bell at the Denny's on MacLeod Tr. SW. Dianne and I exchanged pleasantries then she introduced me to Rick.

    So when I scan Rick's recent articles since that encounter, the only mention of DCU I can find is in an article about some future Glenmore construction work ( In the article there's no quotes from DCU just this interesting statement by Rick:

    There is a ballot battle in the southwest the very same day the interchange goes to council. Ald. Diane Colley-Urquhart is running for Team Ed and some positive news about the crazy traffic in Big Red's neck of the woods wouldn't hurt when people put their X on the spot.