Thursday 10 September 2009

DCU – "Decline Comment Urquhart" - Part Trois

It's like a gift that just keeps on giving..... We can now add Macleans Magazine to "Decline Comment Urquhart's" black-balled list.

The failure of a name Tory like Colley-Urquhart (who, oddly, would not permit Maclean’s to accompany her door-knocking) would be a black mark against the Stelmach regime not unlike that left by the Calgary-Elbow by-election two years ago, which sent an Alberta Liberal to the leg (the loss would not be as symbolically potent, however: Elbow was Klein’s old riding). Standing at his door in Calgary-Glenmore, Pete, the landscaper, says he plans to vote for Paul Hinman, the Wildrose Alliance Party candidate (and still its leader pending a leadership race). Hinman is capitalizing on the Tories’ fiscal woes with a campaign to “Send Ed a Message.”

Diane Colley-Urquhart, would not permit Maclean’s to accompany her door-knocking!!

I have never heard of a candidate turning down an opportunity like this. It is an chance to put your best assets on display. Interaction with the constituents is the prime function of an MLA. The door step is where the election is won or lost.

What was she afraid of? That they would not find a favourable reception? That they would be hard pressed to find someone who would openly say they were voting for the PC's?

Is she worried that they might see the little group hug her team does when she gets dissed at the door? Would that lead to the question of how she might handle that in the Leg? Who is going to be there to give her the reassuring hug? Denis? Fritz?

This just in....
A blogger gets shut out!!!! Another Jeremy added to the list.

Here is the list as it now stands:

- Anyone commenting on her blog.
- Interested followers on Twitter.
(Probably just limited to me, but who knows.)
- Fast Forward Magazine - Jeremy Klaszus
- Calgary Sun
- Macleans Magazine
- PolitiCalgary - Jeremy

Part one can be found here and part deux here.

Tonight should be interesting, or will the community be snubbed as well?

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