Monday 24 August 2009

Diane Colley-Urquhart; Tories hiding from dissenting opinions.

I was alerted today that Diane Colley-Urquhart Tweeted yet another brillant quote.

Is she truly oblivious to the facts that got us to this point? The PC's have been overspending for several budgets in a row now. More than a few sources have been pointing this out for years and predicting the deficit situation.

This is the second great nugget of wisdom to come from Diane Colley-Urquhart and since she has been following me for a while on Twitter; I thought it time to repay the favour.

But alas when I click on "Follow" I get a big red (ironic, isn't it...Big Red) warning.

I have little doubt that Diane Colley-Urquhart has blocked me because she may not have liked some of my commentary on her and I have heard through the political-grapevine that she doesn't take critism very well.

But really Diane is this how you handle difficult or challenging situations? Turn a blind eye to them? Shut the door and hope they go away? One wonders if this will be a regular practice should she become the MLA for Calgary-Glenmore.

Luckily the residents who do their research have been finding this blog... and in record numbers of late. Good to see that in a Google blog search of Diane Colley-Urquhart; my blog comes up as a "related blog". In fact hers is currently fifth on the list.


  1. It's good to see you're following this with a critical eye.
    As an undecided voter, though, I don't find the deep sneer within these posts at all endearing. Your party will get more votes by coming off as less bitter.

  2. Not bitter at all.

    I do not hide behind any illusion that this is an unbiasd blog....quite the contrary in fact.

    Like anything on the web, there are always opposing views. Most readers take them all in and form their own opinion.

  3. Jane, what is scary about that comment is that Diane (and the PC Gov't) thinks the Heritage Trust Fund is a rainy day fund. Quite the contrary, the Heritage Fund is a long-term savings & investment fund for non-renewable resource revenue. Unfortunately, Don Getty ended the annual deposit into the fund that used to be a percentage of non-renewable resource revenue. The goal of the fund was to provide a long-term benefit and stream of revenue to Albertans from oil royalties, which are a one-time, unstable source of revenue. Unfortunately, the fund has been lacking proper deposits for two decades now, and even though it has produced more than $30 billion in dividends and interest, every government since Lougheed (who established the fund) hasn’t understood the long-term value of the fund (although Klein understood the long-term value of debt reduction). There is a reason why Ralph Klein set up a separate Sustainability Fund, which is indeed a rainy day fund to be used on necessary spending during a crisis or sharp reduction in revenue.

    Obviously there is big trouble ahead. When the budget was released this year, Stelmach announced he would drain the Sustainability Fund. He called it the $7 billion rainy day fund. If Diane is now lumping in the Heritage Fund into the “rainy day” fund, the Stelmach government intends to drain it, too.

  4. She doesn't like you me or Fast Forward Magazine.

  5. She may as well say, oh well we have a pool of taxpayer money we can burn up.
    The comments she has made since her candidacy have been awful. No sense at all for the economic crisis our province is in. Must be nice to be in your own little world, while the taxpayers flip the bill. She would fit in a GOA position quite well, no? Also curious to whether or not since the writ was dropped whether or not she has paid back the wages as promised.
    They can try and criticize Paul Hinman all they want, but he would never condone the deficit or make such a dumb statement. This by-election should be a no-brainer.

  6. I doubt very much if the first entry is truly an undecided voter.I would be more inclined to think the contributor is a detractor of yours.Being from Northern Alberta I continue to "surf" the various Blogs to see what alternatives there are out there(I am currently a card carrying discontented PC Member). Unlike Anon 457 I do realize you are there to highlight your parties assets of which I am looking to compare.I am not surprised though considering this is the way I have come to know the leadership and upper echelon of the PC act the same way. Please continue to differentiate the candidates and their parties.God knows the small "c" provincial conservatives are doing just that.

    As for the rainy day fund which the GOA never dries up it scares me to hell that they have no solid fiscal plan.It was also announced the government had to find 2 Billion to cut before next budget-AND THAT IS WHEN THEY THUGHT THE DEFICIT WAS ONLY 4 Billion.Does that mean they gotta cut 6 Billion.

    Add to the fact that the Mr Ed announces NO NEW TAXES makes me wonder if he thinks he he counting bales of hay and not taxpayers money.Scarry.Deja Vue.Geroge Bush.For the good of Albertans I hope Eddie doesn't have a son named Eddie Jr(Goerge Bush Junior)

    God Help us!!

  7. What scares me about Diane is that she has already taken a page from the government she covets a seat with. NO DISSENT ALLOWED. I guess it comes naturally considering her background in the HRC.
    Perhaps that is how she managed to keep it so quiet as well.

    Diane removed the ability to post comments on her blog where she claims to want to chat about the issues. Now she is blocking those who disagree with her on twitter. What's next? Getting her buddies at the HRC to "investigate" dissenters?