Sunday 23 August 2009

Oh what a dilema....

This morning I am reading through my google search hits (as I often do) and one of them takes me to Brian Dell’s blog.

He drops some interesting hints as to the identity of the phantom blogger Enlightened Savage. Enough hints for me to figure it out rather quickly.

Now I find myself in a bit a spot. Normally this kind outing would be a bit of coup; but I actually like this guy.

What a dilemma; what to do?

A) Out him. -- I am a strong believer that people should stand behind their words.

B) Leave it be.-- If I can figure it out, surely others will now too.

C) Is there a third choice?


  1. Hi Jane,

    I've known for quite sometime, through the process of elimination and suggestions from other people, the identity of that blog author (and I've discovered many people also have), so I don't think it's much of the conspiracy that Brian Dell suggests.

    I'm not a big fan of anonymous bloggers either, but frankly, unless the blogger is attacking others by publishing libelous information or in a giant conflict of interest, I don't see why you would have a dilemma in revealing the source.

    Ask yourself, besides scoring political points, why would you take this action? Is there value to that course of action?

    Just my two cents.



  2. Thanks for the comments Dave.

    I don't see political "points" for myself, but I see the potential pressure I might get from others.

    There is more I would like to say on this, but anyway way I word it, I am saying (revealing) too much.

    It will be complexing day or so as I mull this over.

  3. Hi looks like you had a great turnout yesterday! I do not see the point in disclosing E>S's ID...I have met people who know who he is, but I never bothered to push it. I agree with Dave...unless he is publishing slander/lible etc...who cares?


  4. Hey Shane,

    Yes we had an awesome turn out and pics to prove it....LOL

    Unfortunately, I am surrounded by people who would care. It might be a bit more complex than some realize.


  5. Jane, I caught this the other day as well, but I don't think it should matter. I would agree there has been no reason to identify him for. If we all know who he is, anyone who wants to know will be able to find out. This is far from the same as TPB, lots know who I am including yourself which I don't think is a problem is it?

  6. LOL @ Altruist; deep down you wanted me to know who you were.

  7. I think this may be my first time commenting on Jane's blog. We usually do our rambling (and occasionally politically scrapping) face to face.

    Either way, my thoughts on potentially outing ES:

    I see no reason to. ES has rather openly invited speculation on his identity for some time. If I recall one of the guesses was that he was me. I find his blog well written and insightful so I will take that as being complementary. Not sure how he felt about it. ;)

    Due to the invitation of speculation, I think that makes it fair game to play the guessing game. That being said, if he really does not want to be outed, I don't think he should be. For one, it may lead to the end of a good blog, and for another thing I really think that outing is indeed in poor taste unless as others said there has been slander or such.

    Blogs carry limitted weight in all reality. Some good editorial comment is to be found at times and sometimes a good scoop on news is available.

    I do feel that blogs where the blogger is open about their identity carry much more credibility and value. The blogger (should at least) is prone to making a better effort on verifying facts and avoiding actionable postings as they are indeed personally responsible for the content. Anecdotal referrences are of much more value to.

    We see the coming and going of TPB due to his/her tabloid style trash finally threatening his/her anonimity. It was good to see that garbage disapear.

    Either way, in summary of yet another long-winded rant on my part, I do not support the outing of bloggers who wish to remain anonymous.

  8. Looks unanimous so far. BTW excellent job yesterday with rounding up supporters. (and getting the pics to prove it LOL)I'll be aound if you need, didn't get to leave yesterday on vacation 2 of three kids ended up sick, hoping to try again thurs.

  9. I've always thought the Enlighened Savage is Jim Campbell.

  10. Thanks Alt,

    The campaign has an office now, so will need some strong help moving desks, as there is no elevator.

    Cor and I have plans this aft, so will be in touch later.

    Hope the kids get better quickly.

  11. Here's my two cents:

    Unless ES engages in defamatory and criminal acts, in the way TinyPerfectBlog or Robert Day (Canadian Cynic) has done, ES can continue to be anonymous if he/she so chooses. But the mask must be ripped off, and in a fast and painful way, if ES exhibits any of the Tiny or Robert Day traits of defamation and criminality.

  12. Thanks for all of the comments.

    ES and I have had an email exchange and he has given me a third option; which shall remain between us.

    On another note I am adding Calgary Rants to my fav list as his post today proves he has proven he has a sense of humor.


  13. Thanks Jane! I am glad you get my odd sense of humour! Some people thought I was

  14. I tend to agree with the others here, so long as ES does not engage in any defaming type activity I see no reason why he should not be allowed to remain anonymous.

    I've had drinks with ES and I can tell you you shouldn't expect this kind of activity from him as I don't think he has a mean bone in his body.