Tuesday 18 August 2009

Funny Calgary Glenmore By-election story

Truth be told, I am not that "involved" in the actual campaign. Other than fielding and redirecting calls that happen to come into Head Office. So this might end up being the only funny story from me.

Tonight the sign crew was working on installations at Wildrose Alliance members homes, so I thought I would tag along for PR. Had a great time catching up with some I hadn't seen for awhile and since many are new; meeting others for the first time.

On one particular street there was a sandwich board sign saying Diane Colley-Urquhart was "door knocking" in the area. We did quite few signs there and were in the vicinity for about 30 minutes.

When we were re-grouping to move to the next section, my husband turned to me and said; "I still haven't seen Diane's knockers."

With a rather astonished expression I said; "Excuse me????"

And he repeated; "I still haven't seen Diane's knockers." Then he realized what he had said.... priceless.


  1. Great story, and perhaps an indication that the rumour of her "knockers" wasn't true ... sending a message to (Special) Ed!!!!

  2. I found the first vandalized sign of the campaign. It was a Wildrose Alliance 2x4 on 24th street that someone had ran over, by the big tire track on it and it wasn't to far from a freshly installed PC sign.

  3. Bleah... it's gonna happen. Cost and reality of running a campaign.

    I think over 90% of the time it is just random people; not another campaign.

    Most candidates know the cost and trouble involved in stocking and replacing signs; and won't stoop to that petty level.

  4. We all know the NDP and Liberals are about the same, like KFC...left wings and ***holes.

    What's the difference between the PC's, Social Credit, Wildrose Alliance in this campaign?

  5. The Wildrose has a sense of humor....

    Something tells me I am going to regret posting that last anonymous comment.

  6. Have you looked at Social Credit's platform? They are all about big government.

  7. No, I haven't read it lately. I get kind of queezy when I do, so I try to avoid it.

    I really think that Trevor Grover should have run again. He is a hard worker and has way more personal appeal than Len.