Sunday 4 December 2011

City of Calgary Reopens Negotiations with Occupy Calgary

Looks like the City has reopened negotiations with Occupy Calgary. Why?

Response from one of the key Occupiers Chelsea Pratchett.

Her last line is very telling:

I recommend that requests for accommodating future events be brought to the weekly general assembly (which is on Saturday at 1:30pm) by someone from your department, preferably yourself.
Are they now the "keepers" of our park?

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Updated at 2:15

Here is the Facebook response to Chelsea's letter thus far.


  1. I will be extremely pissed at this city if they open any kind of negotiations with these people that involves the taxpayers being on the hook for any costs associated with meeting spaces, city facilitators and staff or any equipment period. But then again the city doesn't care about taxpayer burdens when they can simply spend more money and increase tax rates to its citizens at an effective rate of double the inflation per year.

    Why doesn't our mayor grow a sack and send bylaw enforcement in to write tickets and fines for every discretion by these vermin and parasites. And then enforce non payment of those fines with arrests and seizure of property.

    Its not the cities decision to negotiate anything with these occupyer's especially when the overwhelming sentiment in this city is that these out of touch grimy hippies should be out of that public space.

    Anytime you do anything like this you give these idiots victories and resolve.

    Write fines, present a bill for $55,000 for park damages and services to the occupyer's and enforce payment.

    Don't give them anything.

  2. The Mayor won't grow a pair because the mayor whole heatedly believes in the Occupy movement.

    The mayor only got upset when his approval rating and the perception of what he is doing in office actually took a hit.

  3. Nenshi lied to voters, selling himself as NOT being a lefty. But the truth is, as we now know, he is not only a lefty, he's a radical and extreme lefty - hence is love affair with the Occupy Losers (who demand, for example, that criminals be released from prison, that there'd be a police for the innocent and one for the guilt, and other retarded nonsense).

    By the company Nenshi keeps, he tells us everything we as voters need to know about him.

    I say, let's make Nenshi a single-term mayor. He deserves no less.

  4. Werner you have pegged him.. he says what he thinks his audience wants at the time and flip flops daily. He is not trustworthy nor does he have leadership qualities. He does have a band of online cheerleaders but that is another story.
    I suggest everyone contact their Alderman and ask for your 4 day promotion rental with facilitators and planners . I did.

  5. You have apoint that I do agree with Anonymous. I've already contacted my Alderman (person) whatever and asked for an explanation, I've also contacted the mayor's office. I think that as someone who actually voted for the change promoted by Nemshi, and voted for change at an alderperson level in my area that this development is hugely dissapointing.

    I think instead of asking for promotional rental and facilitators for free, which is in effect dropping down to the low point of asking for free stuff, it would be better to attend the so called vibrant public forum if its agreed to as a counter protest.

    Chances are they'll throw us out for protesting their occupy group though.