Friday 2 December 2011

Occupy Calgary Court Date

The city has filed an injunction and today the Occupy Calgary goes to court. I will be monitoring the Twitter traffic and their Facebook page for interesting (sometimes comical) tidbits.

I will add to this post as things come in. You can click on images to enlarge.
BTW: These are not in chronological order, I've made notes of times on a couple.

This example is from a couple of days ago, but it has generated nearly 100 comments and is still very active in their feed. Not everyone took to kindly to Stephen's advice.

What "end this" really meant.....

11:35 AM Running Rabbit gives her thoughts on this advice.

More advice:

Apparently they are making history. Time will tell I guess.

Ahh yes, the global awakening.

9:55 AM Despite being minutes away from court appearance, they still find time to debate this(?)

Some well-wishers. What the heck is a hypnotoad?

More advice and asking for an adjournment.

Jen Gerson of the Calgary Herald tweets on the courts response to adjournment request.
You can follow Jen on Twitter @jengerson

Oh, oh.....

And the infighting begins.

You're fired!!

What's a bar?

And it continues.....

After a recess, the court session moves to a bigger room.

Bar discussion continues... but Ben Kendrick's posts are gone. Hmmm.

Can you smell that smell.. (it's a lyric, don't be offended)

New thread started about the "split"

Update at 12:45 PM
1:00 PM


Ending this (?)

11:50 AM Ben reappears in the "fired" thread.

What "end this" really meant.

Lunchtime update from the Occupy in-house reporter on the scene.

Also very good written summary from Heather Gilbertson here.

This could be fun. 1:15 PM

No actually it's not me taking screen shots... it's one of your own... who is then sending them to me. I was kicked out of the group on Nov. 24. I was kicked out minutes after I posted this. The only one that I know of who was following that forum was Joanne Costello, she is also an admin on Occupy Calgary Facebook page and had the ability to remove me from group.

1:30 PM Infighting results in losses

ROTFLMAO Seems group has now gone from "private" to "secret"

2:15 PM

And their response to this news... Updated at 3:15 PM

When all else fails go back to blaming media....

From Heather who is in the courtroom.

3:20 Calgary Sun

Olive branch (?)

The Facebook group is busy deleting people trying to find my buddy.

At start of today they had over 250 members, now down to 240. I'll give you a hint the "mole" is an active poster.
Correction down to 237.

Never thought I would see this.... a post by Moon Snail that I can agree with.

Okay, am going to close out today's post. Likely the longest I've ever done, or at least in terms of images.

In closing I recommend reading Heather Gilbertson's summary.

And if you want one final chuckle check out my husbands solution. "Squat be Gone"


  1. This is brilliant, keep them coming, please.

  2. Is it me or is it very painful to see this post? So much misinformed and uneducated comments.

    FYI for any Occupy Calgary protesters reading this post - Bar is NOT a conspiracy. Bar is a legal professional association for any practicing lawyers and judges. If someone want to practice law, he/she would have to be called to the bar (after passing law school and the Bar exam, along with articling work). It's not a conspiracy.

    It's not different like doctors and nurses being certificated by medical associations! If I have to explain something like this...

  3. Stop spamming this everywhere. It's super annoying. I've seen you spam links to this page at least five times today. It stands to reason everyone looking for info on occupy's case has seen this page several times already.

  4. This is awesome Jane. Keep posting. I love how they don't want the "outsiders" knowing what's talked about in their little private facebook chats. So much for freedom of information!

  5. Chill out Dan - some people don't know everything

  6. Dan Pagan don't read it go watch Canadian idol or something.

  7. If your source for screenshots dissappears, just post and i can feed them to you. Occupy demands transparency for the city and citizens and they should be held to the same standard...

  8. Mature responses from these anonymous posters! ;)

    <3 <3 <3
    ps: it's not private lol, the group has 240+ members. Anything posted on Facebook is public info :]

  10. You can sure tell when a comment comes from one of the Occudummies.

  11. I guess their smart phones ran outa power and they couldn't get to the wikipedia page on bar association.

  12. I've never read your blog before Jane but if you continue updating this occupy calgary court fiasco, I will not only be on here everyday, I will encourage all my friends and family to come on. This is comedy gold!!

  13. Thanks anon 2:04

    I'm pretty sure this "movement" will be done very soon.

    My husband has actually done a great job of covering them since late October. You can read his posts at

  14. Jane it is not spam it is social media at work..

  15. Does Facebook have a super, duper, secret setting? Mabye Joanne can trigger that.

  16. Anon, yes Facebook does have a super secret setting, it's called the Illuminati setting. When you need your facebook page so secret it doesn't even exist!

  17. Occupy Calgary=joke