Thursday 8 December 2011

Occupy Calgary - Some Determined to Stay

I was disappointed to read the following by Chelsea Pratchett. Chelsea, in my opinion, is one of the more well-spoken occupiers. And I also thought more level-headed.

(11:00 AM, Dec 8) Click on image to enlarge.

Too date they have accomplished very little through their antics; to continue down the same path will not help and potential could make things much worse.

Midday discussion.



  1. So now it's about her fundamental freedom to camp whenever and wherever she wants? Isn't that what she's saying? Why can't these crackerjacks get it through their heads that they can protest all day every day but they just can't camp in a public park?

  2. I have met this girl,nice but very naive, she is going to ruin her life with a criminal conviction over a tent. Good grief!

  3. Hmmm, even well-spoken, level-headed Occupiers feel compelled to stand up for the rights of all Canadians. To stand up for the need to urgently address economic collapse and societal and governmental breakdown.

  4. Oh geeze. There is always a kook walking around with an "end is nigh" sign. Until the breakdown happens, we still have common laws an order. One of those laws does not allow loony hippies to squat in public parks. Get over it.

  5. Here's my comment to Chelsea and other occupiers that are reading this.

    When the movement was about economic reform, it had legs. But reading your statement, Chelsea, you mention nothing about economic reform. As a matter of fact, you're going to get arrested for, (your words), standing up to defend your fundamental freedoms. I assume this means your assessment of freedom of assembly and speech? So, in that case, when the Aryan Guard decides they're going to set up camp right beside you with a big "White Power" sign, you'll be embracing and welcoming them because they would be on the same side of this fight? Uhm....okay.

  6. I believe that the judge mentioned that the city didn't need the injunction to remove tents and boot people from the park. If that's the case then these occupyer's that are talking about being unknown, can go nuts, go to the Plaza and setup a camp, the City will just arrest them and take their tents.

    I fully expect to see unbathed people chained to whatever they can find tommorrow, hopefully the cops and Bylaw Officers remember to bring bolt cutters and chainsaws

  7. That's is 100% correct Greg. The city didn't need any injunction to remove Cory and his truck.