Wednesday 7 December 2011

Occupy Calgary - Ben Christensen Legal Beagle

Earlier I posted a couple of videos under the "Gems of Occupy Calgary" tab of commentary from Ben Christensen. He presents himself as the legal representative for Occupy Calgary.

If you watch the first video you will see he clearly believed that yesterdays' court decision was a hoax and it is evident in their own comments from yesterday, that a lot of people believed him. Only coming to the realization today (2nd video) that it was in fact real. Today on their Facebook page he was quite short with some one of the other members, I suspect he might have been a tad upset about the reality of the judge's decision.

Below you will find the conversation as it currently exists. You will note some of the responses don't seem to make sense, this is due to Ben deleting his commentary, which he does make mention of as well.

Click on images to enlarge.

My source is working on retrieving Ben's deleted comments. When (and if) they become available, I will add them to this posting.

Edit at 9:30 PM:

Ben's missing comments have been retrieved. These are from an email notification, so they show in the opposite direction time wise to what shows in screen shots above.

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