Friday 2 December 2011

Gems from Occupy Calgary

** WARNING ** Images may contain language not suitable for minors.

I've decided to start this separate page as there is just so much comedic gold coming from the Occupy Calgary group.

Dec 8, 2:00 PM

Dec 6, evening. This was day the judgement was released, at this point they thought it was still a hoax.

Dec 7 Seem to have come to terms with fact that it's real.

Dec 7, 1:00 PM

Dec 6, 12:00 PM

Today's gem comes from occupier James Jesso

You can read his entire post here.

Odd at 1:00 he has changed it, ever so slightly by putting the offensive remarks in "quotations".

Dec 4, 9:20 PM

Dec 3, 10:25 AM


Dec 2 approx 7:30 PM

This entry was previously available via a "page" tab. I've converted it to a posting and only way I could move comments was to screen snap them. They were as follows:

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